At-home workouts

At-home workouts

Many of us are using the excuse of gyms being closed to put off working out…even though it’s something we know is a must. However, seeing as the majority of us do not have access to the equipment we would usually use, we have put together some quick exercises you can do straight from your living room or garden that won’t take longer than 20 minutes.

We’ve also included some YouTube and Instagram fitness channels where you can choose a ton of different workouts that suit you.

Body-weight circuit

Uses different muscle groups, burns a ton of calories and gets your heart rate up. Also, it’s known to burn way more calories than steady cardio.

This is one circuit, do not break in between each exercise and repeat 3 times with a 2-minute break in between each circuit

20 body-weight squats - making sure to stick your bottom out and pull your stomach in and going as low as knees over toes

10 walking lunges - each leg or 20m

60-second plank - making sure that you are in a flat position not piked

5 press-ups -can be on bended knees if full press-ups are not possible

20 jumping jacks

10 dumbbell rows -can use heavy bottles to replace dumbells

So, before starting the circuit make sure you have warmed up to prevent any injuries. This can be running on the spot, a quick jog around the garden or up and down your stairs. If you get too tired in between exercises, take a breather and hydrate and restart as soon as you feel able

Once this has been completed, cooling down and stretching is highly recommended and ensure you are drinking plenty of water for the duration of the day, to stay hydrated.

How many times should i do this?

You can do this circuit 2-3 times a week but leaving days in between, never on consecutive days as you need to allow your muscles to repair.


Yoga is an exercise that you can do anywhere, which anyone can get involved with. Consistent practice improves strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness, without putting stress on your joints. Plus if you're pregnant, yoga is believed to aid relaxation and help keep you in shape.

Seated forward bend

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In a seated position, bring your upper body over your legs in a forward bend. Try and stretch yourself as much as possible without causing too much pain. Focusing on your breathing is key when practicing yoga, so hold the position for five breaths, keeping the feet flexed.

Seated arm saise

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This can be done sitting on a chair, desk or on the sofa, depending on your preference. Start by inhaling and exhaling slowly, on an inhalation, raise your arms toward the ceiling. Whilst doing this, ensure you're maintaining your upper body posture with your shoulders relaxed. Hold for 10 seconds focusing on your breathing.

Seated Twist Pose

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These are often called “detox” poses as it aids digestion and circulation, and sometimes even helps with back pain.

Start by slowly inhaling, then raise your arms out to your sides and up. Slowly exhale and twist your upper body to the right. Your right hand will rest on the top of the chair back and help you to twist, your left hand will rest at your side.

After 5 breaths, release this twist and return to facing the front. Repeat on your left side. Ensure you are only twisting as much as your body will let you, to avoid any injuries.

Fun excercises

Fun? Exercise? We know plenty of you want to enjoy exercising and why wouldn't you? A lot of us just need to find what type of exercises suits us, from walking to a dance class, but since social distancing won’t allow us to take part in classes here are some tips on how you can do this straight from your living room.

Do you have a 30-minute meeting at work? Have a walking meeting instead. Steve Jobs recommended.

Clean! – Many people enjoy cleaning, so why not make a game out of it. See how much you can accomplish with a single song blasting at max volume, while probably also dancing.

Playing with your kids outside: If you have young children, rolling around in the garden and joining in on their games burns a lot of calories, and its a nice bonding moment.

Dancing: Bring the dance classes home, pop on your favourite playlist and get everyone at home involved…this is where YouTube can help you out a lot.

Here are some YouTube channels you can subscribe to:

Fitness – Zumba workouts -

Love sweat Fitness - Cardio dance workout -

Pamela Reif - quick full-body workouts

Also - great for different types of Yoga and meditation

Check out these fitness pages on Instagram for quick workouts:




Apps you can download to feel as if you have your own at-home personal trainer:


30 Day Fitness

Seven - Quick at home Workouts

StepsApp Pedometer - calculate how many steps you are doing each day.

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