Find your routine

Find your routine

During lockdown, most of us lost our get-up and go due to a lack of routine. But, since we're going back to our pre-lockdown life sooner than we expected, here are a few ways you can feel less lethargic and ease your way back into a routine.

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Start you morning right...

Pressing the snooze button more than once? more than we'd like to admit. Taking longer to get out of bed and start your day will leave you feeling more lethargic than you should be. Try kicking off your day with a morning walk or your favourite workout to improve your productivity. Plus, if you're still working from home, this could be a good time to take up a new hobby like meditation, reading, or yoga. Give it a go and you'll see a huge difference!

Take time to work out...

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We all try to schedule in workouts to get a little cardio in, but sometimes we just aren't in the mood or say "we'll do it tomorrow". However, if you're still at home and moving around a lot less, it's important to do some sort of exercise each day to improve your physical and mental health.

TIP: Have an idea of what kind of workouts you'd like to do throughout the week, and write it down. This allows a routine to be put in place which we are more likely to follow. Remember that these don't have to be high-intensity workouts, it could simply be an evening stroll.

We've even put together some simple workouts you can try, including a fun high-intensity dance workout. Take a look here : At home workouts

Need a little motivation?

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What is the one thing that motivates us? New workout gear and yoga pants! Sometimes that's the only thing that will push us to do that workout we've been saying we'll do for the past week, but that's a good enough excuse if it involves shopping...

Schedule breaks...

If you are working from home, sitting in one place throughout the day can leave you feeling tired and unproductive. What has worked for many of us is taking regular breaks to do something fun and give your mind a rest, even if it's for five minutes. Why not try a bit of lunchtime baking? Food is always a guaranteed mood-booster and also makes your day a little more exciting.

Many of us have found that constantly being at home can be difficult. However, by trying at least one of these three things, you may be able to give yourself a little energy boost and structure to your day.

We'd love to hear any tips you may have tried and that has worked for you feel free to get in touch through our social channels using


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