How to care for your cashmere

How to care for your cashmere

It's almost cashmere season and we couldn't be more thrilled! As much as we love super-soft cashmere, it can be hard to keep it that way. Read on for our top tips to keeping your cashmere in peak condition.

Use a comb

If there's one cashmere accessory to buy for your cashmere, it's a cashmere comb. Combing your cashmere jumper when the small balls, known as pills start to appear is the best way to keep it long-lasting. To make life even easier, you can buy an electric pill shaver which takes most of the hard work out. Thank us later!

Wash carefully

Granted, this may seem like the most obvious one on the list but one wrong wash and you'll have to donate your jumper to the nearest child. We always recommend hand washing in lukewarm water and remove the excess water by pressing or rolling in a bath towel.

Dry with care

We always recommend drying your cashmere flat on an airer or radiator, by doing this instead of tumble drying, you won't shrink your favourite jumper. If your cashmere is looking a bit creased, run a handheld steamer over the fabric or iron the cashmere inside out with a damp cloth in between the iron and material.

Keep away from sunlight

We really can't stress this one enough! Exposure to sunlight or heat can rot the fabric, we will always recommend keeping your cashmere in an airtight bag or container if you can to keep it protected from sunlight and moths.

Invest in lavender

If you know us well enough, you'll know that we are BIG lavender fans, so big that it is the core ingredient in our Night Beauty Collection. So any excuse to include it in our clothes is a win! Hang some lavender in your wardrobe with your cashmere to keep the moths away, cedarwood balls will also work just as well.

Luckily for you, we’ve created this handy care guide if you’re ever stuck! Print it here and if you’re ever in doubt, ask your mum.

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