How to make your house a home

How to make your house a home

Whether you’re moving, or your home is in need of a refresh; there are tons of ways to make your home feel Truly cosy. Plus, we’re suckers for any interior design project – we can’t help it! Read on for our favourite ways to make your house a home.

Crazy plant lady

Truly Large Purple Glass Vase


Buy plants. And lots of them. Bringing nature indoors will not only put a smile on your face and visually brighten up the space, but living organisms can help remove toxins and help to clean the air. The benefits are endless! You can choose plants that reflect your personality too, so whether you prefer an edgy cactus, or a simply chic orchid; there is a plant out there for you. Ahhhh….. Breathe and Relax!

Home sweet home

When making a space yours it’s important to think about your five senses. Fill your rooms with beautifully scented candles, so when guests come to visit they’re greeted with a sweet aroma which will pleasantly surprise them. Particularly think about key places in your home to put them, like the bathroom, and the hallways. It’s a great way to keep these areas smelling sweet and fresh.



Picture perfect

Did somebody say photoshoot?! Put your stamp on your home by splashing pictures of you and your loved ones everywhere. Fill your home with pictures of unforgettable memories with people close to your heart. It’s a really effective and a simple way to personalise a place. Make sure your pictures stand out with our unique Shagreen Photo Frames and you’ll make your house a home in no time.

Truly Small Grey Shagreen Photo frame

Rugs, rugs and more rugs...

A plush rug can change a room from basic to beautiful. It will also bring a sense of luxury and opulence you wouldn’t otherwise get from other soft furnishings or a bare floor. Choose a rug that not only looks appealing but feels good to walk on too, the Shearling Rug is perfect for treating your feet after running around all day. You deserve it.

Truly Ivory Shearling Rug

Truly Charcoal Grey Shearling Lifestyle

Have you tried any of these ideas in your home? Let us know in the comments. Better yet… send us your pictures