It's our first birthday!

I cannot believe it.....we are one today!

This year has been a wonderful adventure, full of laughter and the occasional tears. We have reached 510,000 people, with 1.7 million views and made sales across 27 countries. For a small start up of no more than 10 people this is staggering, and to think that this is my business is mind boggling.

It has taken a lot of hard work from everyone involved! A lot of sacrifice from my family, sorry for having to "work all the time" girls however, I wouldn't change any of it.

I have really enjoyed the collaboration, working with a wonderful team of like minded people, who are passionate about what they do and what Truly stands for. The daily banter at work makes every day fun, the team building exercises and next season planning are my favourite parts of the business. AND I am learning to embrace an excel spreadsheet!! Though not too many guys ok.

The plans for the future are vast and I have aspirations of creating a brand that is a household name. However for now, I want to celebrate what we have achieved in our first year and the great fun and sheer determination we have had getting there. I'm grateful to the amazing team that have helped me to realise my dream, Sarah, Izzy, Rachel, Ashleigh, Bianca and to those of you who were with us at the start and had an influence on where we are now (you know who you are). I also just want to say a huge thank you to you our wonderful customer, with whom I am proud to share this amazing Brand we are creating and I am grateful for your support.

Finally, to my amazing kids who have accepted that I won't be home to make dinner every night and may be late to pick you up from school, thank you for all your love and understanding. Meg thank you for all your help and support teaching me how to navigate this business and finally, Peter, thank you for the gift of Truly and believing that I can do it and not saying "I'm Out" Love you all Tara xxx

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