Newborn baby essentials

Newborn baby essentials

Bringing home your new bundle of joy is an exciting, but daunting time. Who knew you something so tiny needed so much stuff? That's why we’ve compiled an edit of our essentials to get you started, so you can focus on the important things – you and your baby.

Our multifunctional Baby Change Bag zips open on one side to reveal a baby change station, as well as compartments for all the equipment you now need as new parents. Stylish and practical, what more could you want?!

Our beautifully designed Multipack of 3 Cotton Muslins will help you through those early months, they're great for discreet breastfeeding, burping, wiping dribbles, using as a blanket or even as a protective layer when changing nappies. These Uber versatile squares are an essential requirement in any baby bag and they're just so adorable to look at!

Baths are a special bonding time for both parents and babies. OurBaby Foaming Bath Oil and Baby Bunny Ear Towel will make sure baby stays clean, healthy and happy.

Babies sleep a lot so make sure they're getting a peaceful night's rest. The Baby Sleep Bag is made from pure cotton muslin with super-soft polyester padding inside and creates a cosy and familiar environment for babies when they are sleeping. Our Sleep Bags reduce the risk of getting tangled in bedding and have a two-way zip for easy-access changing, so you don’t disturb them - let sleeping babies lie!

We've designed this Baby Grow With Collar to make life that little bit easier, our in-house designed bunny print in super-soft cotton and collar with a 2-way zip to make nappy changing a breeze, with in-built feet and integral scratch mitts, we've racked our brains on how to make your life easier and this is it!

Make sure you also add the following to your list of newborn baby essentials:

As many nappies as you can fit in your boot

A lifetime's supply of baby wipes

Feeding bottles


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