The gentleman's guide to cashmere

The gentleman's guide to cashmere

Cashmere. It's a term you probably only associate with an elderly relative but believe it or not, cashmere is the ultimate luxurious material and is great for lounging around at home or throwing over your favourite tee. Contrary to popular belief, it's not as intimidating to look after as you may think. Read on for all of our tips.

What is cashmere?

One of the finest yarns in the world, cashmere is made of fibres from the fine undercoat of the Kashmir goat. It’s more premium than cotton, and softer than regular wool.

Why should I wear it?

Cashmere adapts to different temperatures, so it will keep you nice and warm in the Winter, but cool in the Spring.

Why Truly cashmere?

Our cashmere styles are pure timeless sophistication and will take you from desk to sofa. Choose from the Crew, V, Hoodie and Jogger – all available in classic Midnight or Charcoal. Pair with our cashmere socks and get ready to hibernate!

All of our cashmere is of the highest quality fibre, sourced from Inner Mongolia and traceable back to four specific farming regions. This ensures our transparency from the fibre through to the finished product. The number of cashmere goats is carefully monitored to ensure it is not harmful to the animals or the environment and is constantly tested to ensure the fibre is pure.

How do I look after it?

The knit we’ve developed is a closer, tighter-knit than some other brands. We’ve engineered the surface of our cashmere to remain pristine for as many wears as possible, but cashmere will naturally pill or bobble at some stage.

If your cashmere starts to look a bit bobbly, use a cashmere comb to remove the pilling.

You’ll need to wash your cashmere in lukewarm water, using a specialist wool detergent.

Rinse thoroughly but don’t wring out – try rolling the garment in a towel to remove excess water and reshape when damp.

Dry flat on an airer and don’t iron as this will damage the fibre – you could lightly steam it.

Don’t hang your cashmere – it will affect the fibres and cause lumps on the shoulders. Don’t put your cashmere away for any length of time without washing first. Fold neatly and keep in an airtight bag to prevent damage from moths.

If you're ever in doubt, ask your mum! Sometimes mothers really do know best.

If you clean, dry and store your cashmere properly, it’s easy to keep it in excellent shape - it's worth the effort, we promise!


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