Life is busy. In between managing a career, running a household and dealing with all those little inconveniences that seem to be never-ending it can be hard to find the time to relax. One tactic that always seemed to crop up is yoga, granted, during my very first yoga class, surrounded by ‘yummy mummies’ I thought, is this really for me? But an hour later I left relaxed with an abundance of tips to practise at home. So below find an outline of how you can fit yoga into your day, no matter how busy you are. 

  • What does yoga do for the body? 

Yoga basically mean to ‘yoke’, so it’s the bringing together of two things, like the body and mind and the breath and movement. People often say, “I can’t practise yoga, I can’t touch my toes.” That is not the point of yoga, the point of yoga is to connect all of your movements to your breath so that’s where the mental side kicks in. You’re able to move yourself to a different place as opposed to not recognising your breath, which you tend to do on a daily basis. You start to connect to it. You yoke. 

  • How often should you practise yoga? 

Yoga is a really good thing to practise every day because there are so many different levels, so the yoga that you would tend to go to the gym to do, that is only one side of it. There are eight levels of yoga. One of them is the Asanas practise which is your physical practise, and there are seven other levels you can look into where things like meditation come into. Ahisma, which is basically a respect for living things and no violence towards others, so you tend to generally practise various yoga levels every day. People who meditate, who do the Ahisma side of it, are still practising yoga. There are so many different types of yoga that you can literally practise every day and then some.  

Having a daily practice is a commitment and showing up to that every day is something I think is really good for you to do. Again, it can just be taking five minutes every morning and evening to breathe and that’s showing up for your practice. Practise as long as you want to, even doing it once a week or once a month. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing it and taking some time for yourself. 


  • Is it something you can do while working? 

Definitely, you’ll often find me stretching my arm behind my back, especially when you’re at work and there’s so much going on. It might get really busy but if you just spare a few moments to take a couple of breaths and centre yourself again, pretty much as you would do at the beginning of a yoga class. Just check in.  


  • Do you have any yoga poses which can be practised at work? 

I often do chair yoga, which is particularly great for OAP’s, basically you can sit in your chair and do a lot of the moves when you’re at work. I often get a really tight back, so I will occasionally just stretch out and open my arms out. You can definitely do elements of yoga throughout the day, maybe a couple of lunges as you walk to the coffee machine.  


I would do any heart openers, which is basically stretching right through your back, your hips are often places that get really tight whilst you’re sat at your desk all day so doing anything to open your hips will be really good for you, this can literally be moving to the front of your chair and leaning back which takes the pressure from the back.