Stay in shape this Season

Everyone knows that the winter is the season for big chunky cosy jumpers and eating too much, only to regret it before having to slip into the LBD for the Christmas party. 

Here are our Truly tips for staying in shape over the festive season and not having to rush out and invest in some new spanx the night before the party. 

  •  Drink Wise 

Swap it out for bubbly, given that a glass of champagne is the same number of calories as a chocolate digestive I know which one a Truly girl would go for, might even go for 2! If you are more into your wines opt for a red. As well as being a lower calorie option it boasts benefits including protection against certain cancers, improved mental health and enhanced heart health, it is practically a health food! 

Needing something a bit stronger to get you through the darker months? Everyone knows that a shot of vodka or gin is pretty much the lowest calorie option but remember to pace yourself. 

  • Create a festive playlist 

As well as being a Christmas classic Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is the perfect jogging song. At 125BMP is quick enough to raise your heart rate without making you think you’re about to have a heart attack. Or just perfect for dancing around the kitchen too. 

  • Eat purple veg 

Stick with the Mariah theme, whenever she wants to shed a few pounds she will only eat purple. Purple asparagus, beetroot, cabbage, broccoli, figs and winter berries all are high in antioxidants. Helping to leave you feeling and looking younger for longer, plus it can reduce inflammation leaving us feeling a bit less bloated. 

  •  Get a good night’s sleep 

Life is hectic enough, when Christmas comes it gets manic. Making sure that you get enough sleep (according to a study of US nurses) can help you lose weight, as well as stop you from snacking due to lower levels of ghrelin.  

  • Spend less time in the gym 

You don’t need to spend the winter season in the gym to stay in shape. Any activity that raises your heart rate is using calories, from a few squats whilst brushing your teeth to a brisk walk with the dogs. Get the entire family involved with a bit of ice skating or an energetic board game. 

  • Laughter is key 

It’s the season meant to be full of joy, a researcher at Tennessee University found that laughing for just a few minutes a day burns 5 pounds of fat a year!  

  • Snack attacks 

The standard watch what you eat still applies, even if M&S do have their fancy biscuits out, try not to snack throughout the day but limit yourself to a little bit of naughty each day.