The Truly Foundation

Caring for our environment and people in the community

We've made it as easy as possible to support some great initiatives because up to 5%* of profit will be donated to the Truly Foundation, going directly to the charties that we are helping.

*Donation made varies upon product margin and is net of delivery and VAT

Please keep a look out here and in our Blog because from time to time we will showcase some of the charities we are supporting and we'd love to share with you how, just by being part of the Truly family, you too are helping to make a real difference to those who need our help the most.

Caring For Our Community

Here at Truly, we want to support those in our community that need help, and we recognise that there are some areas that seem to get left behind.

Our aim is to identify those charities that champion the unheard few and to support them by providing much needed funds.

We know that so many people still don’t have the things they deserve and need to stay well.

From support and care to food and heating; and in a small way we want to do our little bit to help those most vulnerable.


Caring For The Environment

We know how important the environment that surrounds us is.

From the air we breathe, the water we use and the overall eco-system in which we live; we Truly believe that we can play our own small part.

By introducing natural, sustainable materials and finding new innovative ways to develop products so that they are 100% recyclable.

We are committed to making a real difference.


Caring For The NHS

To show how Truly grateful we are for our amazing NHS workers, we gifted over 2000 key workers with a small token of our appreciation.

Our Latests Donation

In March 2020 the foundation fund went to helping a local food bank, we are proud to be able to replace broken cooking equipment and help with a very worthy cause.

“Truly’s donation was received at the time when the Foodshare charity was under huge pressure with many more people needing help, and the funds were used towards equipping our new food bank with additional shelving, and to buy in more food stocks”.- Lester Tanner of Maidenhead Food Share