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Thoughtfully selected gifts for the home create lasting memories, blending practicality with personal touch. From elegant decor to functional products, our homeware caters to diverse tastes, making them versatile and cherished presents.
Elevate the art of gifting by turning houses into homes with thoughtful and stylish additions
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Soho Cut Crystal Ice Bucket

Celebrating something special? Keep your cool and add some style to your drinks setting with our Soho Cut Crystal Ice Bucket in super shiny cut crystal.  Finished with handles and...
Fluted Crystal Red Wines Glasses | Truly Lifestyle

Set of 4 Fluted Red Wine Glasses

Large enough to let your favourite red wine breathe, this stunning Set Of 4 Crystal Red Wine Glasses is designed to catch the light for a hint of sparkle. Made...
Set of four fluted coupe glasses with champagne in | Truly Lifestyle

Set of 4 Fluted Champagne Coupes

For a dash of art deco gorgeousness, stock your cabinets with something that wouldn't look amiss at a dinner party. The Set of 4 Fluted Champagne Coupes are the cat's...
Fluted Crystal Carafe | Truly Lifestyle

Fluted Crystal Wine Carafe

Introducing our Fluted Crystal Wine Carafe, a sophisticated and elegant addition to your wine experience. Picture this: you've selected the finest bottle of wine for your dinner gathering, and now...
Rectangle Faux Shagreen Tray With Gold Handles | Truly Lifestyle

Luxe Rectangle Ivory Faux Shagreen Tray

The Luxe Rectangle Ivory Faux Shagreen Tray is a statement piece with contemporary brushed gold handles, we think it's great!  It creates a beautiful framework for your accessories, whether they're...
51.5 x 37.3cm

Luxe Ivory Faux Shagreen Trinket Tray

Introducing the Ivory Faux Shagreen Trinket Tray. It's small but perfectly formed making it great if you want to create a display in an area of your home where space...
Small, Medium and Large Ivory Shagreen Photo Frames | Truly Lifestyle

Ivory Faux Shagreen Photo Frame

Dotted around the house, photos make a room feel loved and lived in. This beautiful Ivory Faux Shagreen Photo Frame bring elegance to any interior and definitely won't go unnoticed. ...

Set of 4 Fluted Crystal Balloon Glasses

Elevate your drinking experience with our exquisite fluted balloon glass, meticulously crafted to enhance the flavours and aromas of your favourite beverages. Whether you're sipping on a refreshing Spritz, enjoying...
Soho Range Crystal Beer Glasses With Beer In | Truly Lifestyle

Soho Set of 4 Cut Crystal Beer Glasses

Our Soho Set of 4 Cut Crystal Beer Glasses are the perfect way to kick off the weekend and enjoy a nice cold beer or even to start the morning...
Soho Range Crystal Set of 4 Gin Glasses Filled With Festive Cocktail| Truly Lifestyle

Soho Set of 4 Cut Crystal Gin Glasses

Designed in the Truly HQ and crafted from beautiful cut crystal. The Soho Set of 4 Cut Crystal Gin Glasses are a large balloon shape perfect for making all your...
Medium Glass Dome With Fairy Lights On | Truly Lifestyle

Medium Glass Dome with Fairy Lights

Elevate your space into a magical haven with our Medium Glass Dome adorned with enchanting fairy lights. Crafted for charm and warmth, this delightful decor piece merges whimsy with sophistication....
Large Glass Dome With Battery Operated Fairy Lights Switched On | Truly Lifestyle

Large Glass Dome with Fairy Lights

Illuminate your space with enchanting beauty using our Glass Dome With Fairy Lights.  This captivating home decor piece combines the elegance of a glass cloche with the whimsy of delicate...

Quartz Bookends

Frame your favourite books and journals with this set of two Quartz Bookends. The white crystal is said to amplify energy, aid concentration, and stimulate the immune system. They're a...
One Size
Marble Cake Stand With Gold Base | Truly Lifestyle

Marble Cake Stand

Our Marble Cake Stand combines timeless beauty with sturdy construction. This cake stand's classic design makes it perfect for a wide range of events. Its marble finish complements any cake,...
One Size

Quartz Heart Serving Board

Introducing our Quartz Heart-Shaped Serving Board, a perfect combination of functionality and heartfelt design. Here's a three-point product description to showcase its unique qualities: Crafted with love and attention to...
One Size

White Bamboo Bedding Set

From £100.00
Our White Bamboo Bedding Set has many of the same amazing qualities as silk. Plus a few more but minus the price tag. Made from one of the fastest regenerative...
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