Baby Sleepwear Guide

Navigating the world of baby sleepwear can be daunting and the pressure of making sure your little one is the perfect temperature can bring with it, a lot of pressure.

This helpful sleepwear guide will hopefully remove some of the stress and help you to understand what togs and sleepsuits are appropriate for your baby throughout the changing seasons.

Before considering what layers your baby needs for a cosy night’s sleep, you must first understand the basic sleepwear pieces that are absolutely essential to have in your baby’s nightwear wardrobe. 

We recommend:

- 1.0 tog sleep bag

- 2.5 tog sleep bag

- Sleepsuits

- Long and short sleeve bodysuits

Once you have all these essentials, the only task left is to understand how they should be layered to make sure your baby is just the right temperature to get through the night, or not… (unfortunately we can’t help with the sleep training).

Benefits of a Sleepbag

  •  Allow baby to move freely, wriggle and kick their arms and legs without restriction.
  • They are great to use wherever you are, so are great for sleep on the go and also for travelling.
  • Your baby will come to associate their sleeping bag with nap times and bedtime - helping promote winding down and a peaceful night’s sleep.

They can easily be washed if your baby has any sickness or leaky nappies.

With Love ,
Truly X