Spring Summer Sleepwear

Baby & Mum

Sleeping well in the warmer weather can be a struggle and uncomfortable for everyone, including the little ones. We want to make sure that you and your baby have the best night’s sleep possible during the summernights, so you can soak upthe sunshinetogetherduring the day.

For Baby

It’s time to change their little duvets to a lighter tog during the warmer months. Our 1 tog sleep bags are made from lightweight and breathable cotton muslin to cocoon your baby whilst maintaining a constant temperature at bedtime. Designed by mums, we also added in a soft fast zip for those night-time changes.

We opted for 100% cotton on almost all our baby sleepwear collections. The breathable and lightweight fabric is soft on your baby’s skin and can also with stand all those spills and splodges.

Top tip

The weather can be a little unpredictable in the UK, and as much as we all pray for a heatwave, when it comes around, we are nowhere near as prepared as we should be. Top tips for hot weather, keep your curtains closed in your baby’s room all day and (if you can) with the windows open, this will get the room to a cool temperature ready for when it’s time to sleep. Your baby’s room should be between 16c to 20c ideal temperature at 18c.  

The baby centre has a great graphic on what to wear at different temperatures - view here.

For Mum

There is no worse feeling than waking up in the middle of the night sweltering hot in the summer. It is a struggle to get back to sleep as you profusely wiggle around trying to find the cold spot in bed. Even more of a struggle when you are just as hot trying to cool down your irritable little one. Choosing the correct material to sleep in will do wonders for you come to the summertime or even for any planned hot holidays trips.  

Silk is a great and versatile material to wear in all seasons but will do you the most benefits when it comes to the summer.Silk is one of the most breathable materials andallows the release of sweat and humidity trapping insidetokeep you fresh throughout the night. Ifyourskin is just as sensitive to the hotter weather andisprone to eczema, silk also offers hypoallergic andnon-irritatingbenefits.

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