Woman in the bath with towel around her head

Tara's Thursday Evening Self-Care Rituals

Carving out some moments of self-care to rejuvenate both body and mind is crucial for me. Thursday nights are sacred - a time to indulge in my 'Thursday ritual' that leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed. Let me walk you through my evening routine..


Step 1: Melt Away the Day

 As the evening sets in, I begin by gently removing the day's makeup with a double cleanse. First, I massage my skin with an oil cleanser, then, I follow up with a facial wash, using a microfiber cloth soaked in warm water and wrung out, to ensure that all make up is removed and my face is clean

Step 2: Exfoliation

Stepping into the shower, but with the water off I reach for a salt scrub for a full-body exfoliation to buff away dead skin cells. Following this I wash away the scrub and shampoo my hair.

Step 3: Hair and Skin TLC

I wrap myself in a towel, it's time for my hair. I apply a  hair mask, generously coating the mid-lengths and ends of my hair, before securing it under a shower cap and wrapping that in a towel to create extra warmth to open the hair follicles allowing the mask to be better absorbed.

Step 4: Bath in Bliss

 If I'm feeling decadent, I treat myself to a bath with my favourite oils. As I soak, I turn to my face and start with an exfoliation using Kate Sommerville Exfolikate, followed by a nourishing application of Dr Sebagh Rose oil making sure to use my Gua Sha tool from FaceGym,  I go through my 10 minute contouring routine. ( If I don't have the time I use the time in the shower to apply the Argan oil to my still damp skin whilst waiting for the mask to do its thing and then rinse, seal with conditioner quickly and pat myself dry before applying a Body lotion I am loving a vitamin E body butter at the moment.)

Step 5: Unwind and Beautify

 Once finished in the bath, I rinse out the hair mask and quickly apply a conditioner and rinse this makes sure to close the hair follicle and lock in the moisture.  After patting dry I apply honey-infused Argan oil, from head to toe and ends of my hair.  After drying off with our ultra fluffy Truly towels, I slip into my cosy pyjamas, my favourite are our divine 100% silk sage pyjamas.

Step 6: Haircare Heros

With my hair wrapped in a towel, I take a moment to apply a thin layer of Guinot Masque Essential to my face for as long as I feel necessary, the great thing about that mask is that you can sleep in it if you want to as it isn’t drying, however, it is clay-based so you do look like Casper the friendly ghost, (if I need to pluck my eyebrows or waxing or anything like that it is done at this point) after about 10 mins I take the towel off and either blow dry or let dry naturally my hair, my hair is quite curly so if I am not blow drying I put a curl cream in and let it dry throughout the night naturally, If I am blow drying it I use a heat protector like Revlon 1 or Colour WOW.

Step 7: The Following Morning

I wake up my skin by splashing my face with cold water, pat dry and then push the Beauty of Joseon ginseng toner in to my skin 3 times with a few minutes in between to let it absorb. I follow up with a brightening application of Vinoperfect by Caudalie, before sealing in moisture with a collagen gel and Heliocare tinted sunscreen, because it is tinted I use this as a face make up and only apply bronzer, set my eyebrows and then blusher and tinted lip balm finished the look.




With Love, Truly x